Diet Improvement

Design Your Diet is a one hour consultation session for anyone who desires to improve their digestion, reduce persistent bloatedness and eat a diet that facilitates better health. Maybe you already exercise, maybe you don’t want to lose weight but you know that your diet can do with some improvement, this is for you. 

A few years ago I suffered severe and unbearable constipation. I had panic attacks when I felt the urge to move my bowels. Stool softeners from my doctor didn’t work. You know what did? A specific fruit and an increase in my water intake. After that I learned everything I could about digestion and realised that frequent bowel movement is significant to a healthy gut. 

Do you move your bowels daily? If not, it’s time to include certain classes of food into your diet. Guess what? The typical Nigerian diet is high in carbs, animal protein and fats and misses out key nutrients that facilitate healthy and frequent bowel movement.  

This session will help you understand the different categories of food and which of them provides the highest nutrients.

  • You will learn about foods that optimize digestion. 
  • You will learn about foods that keep your blood sugar low
  • You will learn how to eat to maintain your weight 
  • You will learn about foods that increase energy levels 
  • You will learn to eat foods all your favourite foods the right way

After this one hour deep dive:

  • You will get a sample meal plan 
  • You will learn how to create your meal plans 
  • You will be empowered to take your health back

Want to improve your diet?

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