Newspaper Columnist, Fitness Educator & Speaker.

Tochi Okafor


I help highly motivated professional women create top level lifestyle experiences & increase the quality of their wellbeing. I promote a holistic approach to living by delivering simple, practical and sustainable solutions that transform lives.


Inspiring Women

to live

a purpose-filled

life of excitement


Diet Improvement Coaching

Design Your Diet is a one hour consultation session for anyone who desires to improve their digestion, reduce persistent bloatedness and eat a diet that facilitates better health.


Weight Loss Coaching

Design Your Body is a program for anyone who desires to lose weight. The purpose of this 30day program is to help you adopt lifestyle mindsets, habits and behaviours that will lead to a decrease in weight.


Life Coaching

Design Your Life is for anyone who desires to relaunch, rebuild or reclaim their essence. My coaching creates the foundation you need to build the exact life you want.

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Over the last seven years, I have been a core part of several teams to deliver high-quality Human Capital Development training for companies like Stanbic Ibtc & Union Bank. On my own, I delivered Customer Service & Emotional Intelligence training for United Capital and Fidelity Bank Plc during this time. I have provided online training for some other corporate organizations. My passion for teaching fuels my commitment to learning, and my consistent knowledge expansion makes me a skilful content creator. I can teach Mental Health, Self Care, Diet & Exercise for wellness. I can also cater to your organization’s unique needs. Let’s talk about one of my training sessions if you want to improve your team’s soft skills or overall wellness.

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The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.

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